Crius Energy At a Glance

More than
1.4 million
customers* & growing!

More than 8.4 Million MWh of electricity
supplied to customers in 2017
Natural Gas
More than 9.7 Million MMBtu of natural gas supplied to customers in 2017
Solar Power
Over 60 MW of solar power
sold to date
2.2 Million+ MWh of Renewable Power
2,234,088 Renewable Energy Certificates retired our last reporting year to offset customer energy use
with Comcast
7 out of 7
deregulated energy
brands rated A+ by the
Better Business Bureau

2017 Revenues
21 Markets
in the U.S and Australia
with more to come!

*Customers refers to a Residential Customer Equivalent or RCE, a unit of measure used by the energy industry to denote the typical annual commodity consumption by a single-family residential customer. A single RCE represents 100 MMBtu of natural gas or 10 MWh of electricity. With the acquisition of USG&E on July 5, Crius Energy now serves over 1.4 million RCEs.

Made Brilliant.

Why have more than one million residences and businesses chosen the Crius Energy family of brands?

Crius provides innovative energy products that simply aren’t available from the traditional utility model.

Whether we’re raising the roof on the solar experience or connecting with consumers where energy choice and value converge—Crius Energy’s customer-centric approach is fueling growth and creating opportunities for our 250+ colleagues.

Click the boxes to learn more about the powerful synergies created by our highly complementary deregulated energy and solar businesses.

Energy Insights


Crius Leads Among Alternate Electric Providers

The company remains the top alternative residential electricity biller in Connecticut, maintaining the biggest customer base among the state’s retail providers.

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Giving Back In Texas

Employees from Crius Energy raised $30,000 through an internal donation drive to help Hurricane Harvey victims rebuild.

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Crius Expands Relationship with Comcast

After announcing the extension of their strategic partnership, Crius and Comcast will offer an innovative Integrated Energy Platform (IEP)...

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Crius Energy Announces Rise Broadband As First Integrated Energy Platform Partner

Largest fixed wireless broadband services provider in U.S. to offer Integrated Energy Platform services in Illinois, Indiana and Texas...

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Consumers In Competitive Energy Markets Benefit

Over the past two decades, U.S. consumers in energy choice markets have disproportionately benefited, a new white paper concludes.

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Community Solar Is A Win-Win For Connecticut

Report finds community solar could mean an additional $376 Million in revenue and 2,580 jobs in Connecticut.

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