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Is Crius Right For You?

Boundless energy. The desire to do well by doing good. A thirst for opportunity. Although the people of Crius Energy come from diverse backgrounds, they share a few essential traits. Our colleagues are problem solvers, undaunted by challenges. Together, we are working passionately to transform an essential industry, ripe for innovation.

As you evaluate whether Crius Energy is the right next step in your career, consider this:

The opportunities at Crius are truly limitless. Our company has grown exponentially -- from about $2 million in revenue our first year of business to over $700 million in our seventh – and we’re just getting started!

Unlike most jobs where your only reward is a paycheck, Crius encourages you to give back both locally and globally. We’ll even compensate you for it.

In short, a career at Crius means the power to make a difference in the world. Click below to learn more.

Should I Stay or Should I Go (With the Utility)

People are often surprised to learn that they have a choice when it comes to energy supply. Retail energy makes that possible. And in my view, having the ability to choose is far more powerful than no choice at all.

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Why More Businesses Are Going Green Energy Shopping

Simply put: the right energy partner can take the anxiety out of choosing an energy supplier. They are often able to offer a better prediction of energy costs for the businesses that power our global and local economies, and help to keep a business owner focused on the things that matter most.

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Why Green Energy Is Here To Stay

The reality is that the best bet for reducing energy costs long-term, and lowering the planet-warming emissions that require additional energy use, is clean energy. The clean energy revolution is here, and every day more and more people are joining.

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