Weather Patterns

6-10 DAY
weather 6-10 day

Northwest and California heat will fade during the period while the Midwest and at times the East warm up. NYC highs will range in the upper 70s-mid 80s. Chicago highs will warm into the mid 80s. Texas warmth will return as highs rise into the mid-upper 90s. Out West, Portland highs will into the mid-upper 70s by early next week. Seasonal weather in Burbank will lead to highs in the low-mid 80s and Sacramento highs falling from the low 100s on Saturday into the low 90s Mon-Wed next week.

11-15 DAY
weather 11-15 day

Models trended warmer over the weekend with above to much normal temperatures across the central U.S. while the Northwest is cooler. However, GFS and European ensemble models are odds over how warm the MidCon will get and how cool the West Coast turns. The GFS ens is cooler West warmer MidCon while the Euro remains warmer California and less warm MidCon. Our lean is more towards the GFS ensemble model at this time given the correlations with a -AAM. However the AAM is expected to trended towards the positive side during the 11-15 day period which may portend warmer risks for the West and cooler risks for the Midwest and East as we head into the first or second week of July.

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